Online Bookings now available


Our 24 hour online booking service is available for standard 15 minute appointments for current patients.  For all other appointments (including new patients) please call our friendly reception staff during opening hours.


This service is not for emergency situations – please call 000

Consultations with your doctor or nurses are by appointment only.


15 minutes are allocated for a Standard Consultation. One of the biggest complaints we have is the waiting time to see a Doctor, so if you have a complex problem or need to discuss numerous issues, please ask for a longer consultation.




You can now get a text message reminder the day before your appointment. All you have to do is notify one of our friendly reception staff and they can arrange this for you. Please don’t rely solely on this, it is just a reminder. We have put this in place to hopefully eliminate the amount of missed appointments we get each day. It is important to notify us if you cannot attend an appointment as we could offer it to someone else.