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Notification of Test Results Policy

Please be advised that NO TEST RESULTS will be given over the phone by Reception Staff.  We have an efficient results service in place so if the doctor deems your results as “Urgent”, you will receive a telephone call from either your GP or our Nursing Staff.  For any Non-Urgent results requiring a follow up appointment, you will be notified by mail or SMS.  If you would like to obtain your results, or would like to discuss them further, an appointment must be made with your GP. We thank you for your understanding.

Email Policy

Communication with patients via electronic means is conducted with appropriate regard to privacy. Our practice will only provide information that is of a general, non-urgent nature that is in relation to the patient’s appointment. 
Before obtaining and documenting the patient’s consent, patients are fully informed through information contained of the risks associated with electronic communication in that the information could be intercepted or read by someone other than the intended recipient. Our practice also has an automatic email response system set up so that whenever an email is received into the practice, the sender receives an automated message to ensure they are aware that the email is only used for the distribution of correspondence relating to the appointment. It is not for clinical advice or urgent care and it is not a way of communicating with the GP. They are then provided the practice phone number and asked to get in contact via phone.

This function is purely a way of sending information normally given at a face to face consult.  It is a “do not reply” email and return emails are not monitored by staff.  If there is a query, you must contact the Practice by phone.   


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Tel: 08 8322 2099

Fax: 08 8322 0278

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