December Recipe 2018



Beryl May’s (The Vines Uniting Church) Recipe
This is a very beautiful, tasty Pudding and can be frozen and/or reheated in the microwave.
It can be eaten by anyone not just Diabetics!




2 cups of Mixed Fruit
2 cups of Fresh Breadcrumbs – (white or brown)
1 Cup of Milk- (Fresh or Powdered)
1 tsp of Bi-Carbonate Soda
A Squeeze of Lemon Juice
1 Mashed Banana


Mix all ingredients together thoroughly and place in a very well-greased steam pudding basin and steam for 2 hours or cook in a well-greased casserole dish with lid in the microwave for 6 ½ minutes Serves 5 or 6 people.


N.B- In this pudding, that I made on 5th of December, 2011, I used fresh brown breadcrumbs and instead of fresh milk, I mixed ½ cup of Diploma Powdered Milk with 1 cup of cold water. I cooked it in the steamer basin and served it on a casserole lid. I used the powdered milk as an experiment, and because I was a little short of milk on the day. No fat- No sugar!