Due to the increasing number of non- attendances and, as a consequence, our inability to provide enough appointments for patients with urgent medical issues, we are now forced to have a “zero tolerance” policy for patients who do not attend their appointments.

If you make an appointment and do not attend or cancel the appointment you may be charged a non-attendance fee, which cannot be claimed through Medicare.  The fee will need to be paid prior to any further appointments being made.  In addition, if the appointment was booked online through Health Engine, you will be prevented from making any further online appointments.

Woodcroft Medical Centre regrets the necessity for this, but to be able to provide excellent medical treatment to those who need it we have unfortunately had to take this step.

Please Note : Whilst we provide an SMS reminder service to patients with mobile phones, they are sent via an automated server and therefore in the event of a power failure or unforseen event they cannot be solely relied upon.