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Wet Alert Alarms

Wet Alert Alarm Hire ( Bedwetting Alarms) are available after a discussion with your GP.  Visit the website for more info:

Home Visits
Home Visits are available in certain circumstances for current patients if unavailable to attend the practice due to illness. We do prefer patients to attend the practice if at all possible to receive prompt medical care. There is a gap payment applicable to home visits of $60.00.

Phone Consultations
Phone consultations are available for patients with cold and flu symptoms but are otherwise discouraged if at all possible. However, we understand that it is not always practical. Therefore, if you require a telephone consultation you may discuss it with our receptionists.


Storage of Patient Vaccines
Whilst we encourage our patients to keep their vaccines in our purpose built vaccine fridge until administered, please be aware that we cannot be responsible for any loss of vaccine due to circumstances beyond our control e.g. power failure, fire etc. To minimise the risk of vaccine loss, please make your appointment as soon as possible after purchase.

Preventative Health Care & Health Assessments

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